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This area provides general announcements about the latest content that has been added to the library. Also included are links to the newest tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and hardware installation documents. This website is updated on a biweekly basis to keep current with the latest computer trends and devices.
User Guides:
Need help with a computer part? Can't figure out settings on your motherboard? Check out this list of user guides to find the information you need. All documents are in PDF format and sorted based on category of hardware.
Motherboard Manuals
Installation Tutorials:
Welcome and thanks for visiting Technologyworld!The information found within these guides will help you install a wide variety of peripheral devices.
How To Install A Floppy Disk Drive
How To Install A Hard Disk Drive Using A Raid Controller Card
How To Install A Dual Core Pentium IV CPU Processor
How To Install A PCI Based Video Card
Driver Downloads:
Welcome and thanks for visiting Technologyworld! A device driver is a small piece of software that controls how hardware components interact with an operating system.
Bios Updates Network Cards
Card Readers Optical Drives
Chipsets Raid Controllers
Digital Cameras Routers & Switches
Enclosures Scanners
Gaming Devices SCSI Devices
Hard Disk Drives TV Tuners
Input Output Cards USB Devices
Keyboards Video Cards
Laptop Computers Webcams
This list of driver downloads will help you troubleshoot a variety of hardware problems and is your best bet when getting new hardware working with your PC. All drivers are sorted by hardware category.
Device Drivers
BIOS Card Readers Chipsets Digital Cameras Enclosures Floppy Disk Drives

Gaming Devices Hard Disk Drives Input Output Cards Keyboards and Mice Laptop Computers  

Network Cards Optical Drives Raid Controllers Routers and Switches Scanners  

SCSI Devices Sound Cards Tv Tuner USB Devices Video Cards  

Video Capture Cards Webcams        

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For easier navigation this website is divided according to the type of hardware being explained. Please click on a part name or select a topic from the drop down lists to view available learning material.

Information about a wide variety of cables, connectors, and interfaces.
Information about how the BIOS works, what aspects the POST routine checks, and explanations of various CMOS settings.
Information about what aspects the central processing unit controls.
Information about floppy disk drives.
Information about hard disk drives.
Information about PC memory
Information about PC sound cards.
Information about PC motherboards.
Information about cases and power supplies.
Information about computer monitors.
Information about network interface cards.
Information about PC video cards.
Information about modems.
Information about PC video cards.
Hard Disk Drive Jumper Settings:

A jumper setting is a small piece of plastic when used will short out pins on a hard drive to designate the roles of hard disk drives. This area provides a complete overview of jumper settings for all types of hard disk drives. These pages are divided according the manufacturer of hard disk drive.

These documents are sorted based on manufacturer. Select from a brand below to view available jumper settings.
Fujitsui Seagate
Western Digital  
Computer Hardware Troubleshooting:
Got problems with your PC? Use these troubleshooting documents to help you effectively resolve common computer problems.
My Computer Will Not Start! What Can I Do?
I Have Recently Added A New Video Card And Now My Screen Is Completely Black
How Do I Reinstall Windows XP
My Computer Makes Load Groaning Sounds When It's Turned On
All of the troubleshooting documents are updated constantly as newer, easier to follow solutions often replace old workarounds.