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Welcome and thanks for visiting Technologyworld!

Welcome to the ultimate PC reference library. This website is devoted to the nuts and bolts of personal computer hardware. Plain english guides are provided to help you understand the complexities behind personal computing technology.

Site Announcements:
This area provides general announcements about the latest content that has been added to the library. Also included are links to the newest tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and hardware installation documents. This website is updated on a biweekly basis to keep current with the latest computer trends and devices.
User Guides:
Need help with a computer part? Can't figure out settings on your motherboard? Check out this list of user guides to find the information you need. All documents are in PDF format and sorted based on category of hardware.
Motherboard Manuals
Installation Tutorials:
Welcome and thanks for visiting Technologyworld!The information found within these guides will help you install a wide variety of peripheral devices.
How To Install A Floppy Disk Drive
How To Install A Hard Disk Drive Using A Raid Controller Card
How To Install A Dual Core Pentium IV CPU Processor
How To Install A PCI Based Video Card
Driver Downloads:
Welcome and thanks for visiting Technologyworld! A device driver is a small piece of software that controls how hardware components interact with an operating system.
Bios Updates Network Cards
Card Readers Optical Drives
Chipsets Raid Controllers
Digital Cameras Routers & Switches
Enclosures Scanners
Gaming Devices SCSI Devices
Hard Disk Drives TV Tuners
Input Output Cards USB Devices
Keyboards Video Cards
Laptop Computers Webcams
This list of driver downloads will help you troubleshoot a variety of hardware problems and is your best bet when getting new hardware working with your PC. All drivers are sorted by hardware category.
CPU-Z is a diagnostic program for Windows that provides information about your CPU, Motherboard, Memory, and Graphics card. It is ideal for troubleshooting purposes as it can identify the type of chipset used by the operating system. The program displays general information about the CPU including processor type, code name, package type, and clock speeds. You can export report files into text only or HTML format. You can also send it to the makers and register for an online account with the sofware developer.

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Cables and Connectors Cases CD-ROM and Optical storage mediums Central Processing Units DVD-ROM and DvD-RAM drives
Floppy disk drives Hard disk drives Computer memory Modems and routers Computer monitors
Motherboards Network Cards RAID Controller cards Sound cards Video cards
Topics At A Glance:
Information about a wide variety of cables, connectors, and interfaces.
Information about how the BIOS works, what aspects the POST routine checks, and explanations of various CMOS settings.
Information about what aspects the central processing unit controls.
Information about floppy disk drives.
Information about hard disk drives.
Information about PC memory
Information about PC sound cards.
Information about PC motherboards.
Information about cases and power supplies.
Information about computer monitors.
Information about network interface cards.
Information about PC video cards.
Information about modems.
Information about PC video cards.
Significant Events In Computer History:
Year Event
1617 John Napier creates "Napier's Bones," wooden or ivory rods used for calculating
1642 Blaise Pascal introduces the Pascaline digital adding machine
1822 Charles Babbage conceives the Difference Engine and later the Analytical Engine, a true general-purpose computing machine
1906 Lee De Forest patents the vacuum tube triode, used as an electronic switch in the first electronic computers
1945 John von Neumann writes "First Draft of a Report on the EDVAC," in which he out-lined the architecture of the modern stored-program computer
1946 ENIAC is introduced, an electronic computing machine built by John Mauchly and J Presper Eckert
1947 On December 23, William Shockley, Walter Brattain, and John Bardeen successfully test the point-contact transistor, setting off the semiconductor revolution
1949 Maurice Wilkes assembles the EDSAC, the first practical stored-program computer, at Cambridge University
1950 Engineering Research Associates of Minneapolis builds the ERA 1101, one of the first commercially produced computers
1952 The UNIVAC I delivered to the U.S. Census Bureau is the first commercial computer to attract widespread public attention
1953 IBM ships its first electronic computer, the 701
1954 A silicon-based junction transistor, perfected by Gordon Teal of Texas Instruments Inc., , brings the price of this component down to $2.50
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Additional Resources:
Abbreviated Computer Terms
Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 Error Messages
How To Make A Bootable Disk or CD-ROM
Building a Fast Boot System – with Intel® Rapid BIOS Boot
User Guides:
Actiontec V.92 PCI Pro Modem
Manufacturer's Listing Database:

A list of hardware manufacturer's and their associated homepages on the Internet.

Hard Disk Drive Jumper Settings:

A jumper setting is a small piece of plastic when used will short out pins on a hard drive to designate the roles of hard disk drives. This area provides a complete overview of jumper settings for all types of hard disk drives. These pages are divided according the manufacturer of hard disk drive.

These documents are sorted based on manufacturer. Select from a brand below to view available jumper settings.
Fujitsui Seagate
Maxtor Quantum
Western Digital  
Computer Hardware Troubleshooting:
Got problems with your PC? Use these troubleshooting documents to help you effectively resolve common computer problems.
My Computer Will Not Start! What Can I Do?
I Have Recently Added A New Video Card And Now My Screen Is Completely Black
How Do I Reinstall Windows XP
My Computer Makes Load Groaning Sounds When It's Turned On
All of the troubleshooting documents are updated constantly as newer, easier to follow solutions often replace old workarounds.
Flash Video Presentations:
  1. Introduction to The Basic Input / Output System
  2. Introduction To The Power On Self Test
  3. How Operating Systems Work
What Is A Personal Computer?
This is a desktop personal computer complete with monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

A personal computer (PC) is any general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and original sales price make it useful for individuals, and which is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer operator. This contrasted with the batch processing or time-sharing models which allowed larger, more expensive minicomputer and mainframe systems to be used by many people, usually at the same time.

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The PC At A Glance
This is a desktop personal computer complete with monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

The PC is a complex machine. It's made up of various concepts so we've provided an at-a-glance look at what makes up a typical personal computer. You will learn how to identify components, gain an understanding of what data is all about, and learn all about system busses and what they are used for.

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The PC At A Glance:

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Hard Disk Drives Hardware Installations Motherboards
Motherboard Form Factors

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